Live, virtual, world-travel based
language learning.

The world’s first language programs that enable learners to explore the host country, experience the local culture and practise language in real life scenarios with native speakers.

Designed to complement vocabulary and syntax learning in the classroom, our small group programs aim to make learners confident intercultural speakers.


Our Method

To effectively use language in a globalised world, learners need to supplement the knowledge of vocabulary and syntax with an understanding of the destination and culture where the language originates. We use a unique intercultural language learning methodology modelled around world travel which uses inputs (destination & cultural orientation), practice (practise with local natives) and output (real life assignments).

Destination & Cultural orientation

Using live-streamed virtual sessions delivered by our local presenters, learners explore different parts of the country where the language originates/or is prevalent.

This helps learners become familiar with the destination and the local culture. (Just as they would have done, had they travelled to the destination in real life)


Practise language with local natives

Modelled around real-world travel interactions, our live sessions enable learners to practise language,in various scenarios,with locals at the destination.

Guided by our local presenters, learners will use language in a practical and cultural context on sessions like 'bargain in a local market' or 'cook with a local family' and others.

Use language in real life assignments

On these live, virtual sessions, learners will independently use the local language for real life assignments.

For example,Italian language learners are asked to help a Pasta chef in Italy design a menu/ or Mandarin language learners are asked to design a marketing poster with team members in an office in China.


Our language learning programs are designed for small groups that accommodate up to 50 learners per session.

For every language, we offer a program comprising of 10 sessions that include Destination & cultural orientation, sessions that facilitate practising with locals and one real life assignment.

Schools and organisations can choose to purchase the whole 10-session program or buy sessions separately.

Sessions can be organised as per the organisation’s requirements (subject to time zone difference with the host country and the availability of our local teams).

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