German Learning: Street Art Walking Tour of Berlin

Practise your German speaking skills as you discover street art on this fascinating walking tour which begins in Kreuzberg (former West Berlin) and finishes in Friedrichshain (former East Berlin).

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 50     Destination : Germany  

Category : Spanish     Recommended For : Schools

Subject : German  


On this exciting tour, German language students will be able to discover the street art in Berlin, as they also get the opportunity to practise their speaking skills.

Explore Berlin’s fascinating street art on this tour led by Berlin enthusiast and guide Sarah which is guaranteed to leave you inspired. On this tour which begins in Kreuzberg (former West Berlin) and finishes in Friedrichshain (former East Berlin), you will discover several inspiring gems besides gaining an insight into the city’s history and culture. Learn how/why street art in Berlin now has a worldwide respected reputation.

You will walk along the streets of Kreuzberg which is considered to be among the most energetic and lively multicultural neighbourhoods of Berlin. With a number of things to do, it is a Kiez (neighbourhood) bustling with activity. The entire neighbourhood has an unmissable young vibe with an air of commotion, excitement and whirl much like any other cultural hub in the world.

 As you walk down the streets and lanes of the city, you will find buildings, posts, walls and sidewalks be-speckled with interesting and inspiring street art.

 One of the most famous works of street art can be seen in the Astronaut Cosmonaut wall at the Urban Spree Gallery. This monochromatic impression of an astronaut painted by the street artist Victor Ash is among the most symbolic murals of the city that are demonstrative of its captivating spirit. The streets are also dotted with though evoking works of other artists such as Alice Pasquini, Crin and James Cochran, lovingly called Jimmy C.

 From Kreuzberg you will head to Friedrichshain in erstwhile East Berlin walking across one of the more famous bridges that have emerged as important cultural symbols of unity after the fall of the Berlin wall. These bridges are important from the historical perspective and therefore make for significant tourist attractions.

 The tour fittingly will finish at the East Side Gallery (memorial to the Berlin Wall with Street Art on it.

Your Presenter

  Sarah Bonfiglioli

Sarah is originally from Australia. Having first completed a degree in Business Marketing and working in the Advertising industry she thought her future was decided. She then went on a trip to Europe and as a result stumbled upon Berlin. Having immediately fallen in love with the city, she never left! She has been sharing her love for the city with visitors for seven years now. Sarah has always been fascinated with history and finds great joy in being able to share that passion and love for Berlin with visitors from all over the world. 

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