German language learning: Visit the Berlin Wall

Visit the Berlin Wall and learn about its history while also practising your language skill.s

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 50     Destination : Germany  

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This exclusive tour of the Berlin Wall memorial is a profound lesson in Germany’s history based on the heavily guarded wall that physically and ideologically divided Berlin for 28 years between 1961 and 1989. This is also an opportunity for German language learners to practise their language skills.

The wall was built by the German Democratic Republic (erstwhile East Germany) and served to cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany. Guard towers were placed along the concrete walls alongside which there were wide areas with anti-vehicle trenches, beds of nails and other such defences to prevent people crossing  the wall. 

Between 1961 and 1989 more than 100,000 people attempted to escape, with over 5000 succeeding to cross the wall. Several stories abound during this period in history with more than 200 people losing their lives.

A series of revolutions in East Germany ultimately resulted in the demise of the wall. Crowds of East Germans climbed over the wall joined by West Germans on the other side amidst much celebration. The fall of the wall paved the way for German reunification on the 3rd of October 1990.

On this tour you will learn about what the border entailed as you visit a reconstructed area of the no-mans-land area along with original parts of the wall that still exist. You will discover, in detail, why the wall was built, stories about the victims and also of successful escapes. The tour ends at the Chapel of reconciliation- a new structure built in the former no-mans-land-area. Using the wall as the background context, you will also gain an insight into the Cold War era.

Your Presenter

  Sarah Bonfiglioli

Sarah is originally from Australia. Having first completed a degree in Business Marketing and working in the Advertising industry she thought her future was decided. She then went on a trip to Europe and as a result stumbled upon Berlin. Having immediately fallen in love with the city, she never left! She has been sharing her love for the city with visitors for seven years now. Sarah has always been fascinated with history and finds great joy in being able to share that passion and love for Berlin with visitors from all over the world. 

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