Extreme Heat Resilience Program : Level 2 Course - 2 Weeks

The world’s first program that equips youth with the knowledge and practical skills to take an active role in responding to the challenges posed by extreme heat.

Duration : 2 weeks     Max Size : 100     Destination : Sierra Leone  

Category : Climate Resilience     Recommended For : Youth

Subject :  


Extreme heat due to climate change presents significant danger to living beings and this peril is set to intensify with each passing year. Cities, especially, are already experiencing higher temperatures, primarily attributable to the urban heat island effect. As urban populations continue to surge, the number of individuals vulnerable to this hazard will also rise. Projections indicate that by 2050, heat waves will afflict over 3.5 billion individuals globally. This escalation in extreme heat events in cities has the potential to profoundly impact human lives and the means by which people earn their livelihoods. 

Designed for the next generation of climate leaders, this is the world’s first  program that equips youth with the knowledge and practical skills to take an active role in responding to the challenges posed by extreme heat. 

During the first week, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of climate change and its far-reaching effects, with a specific focus on extreme heat. They'll embark on live virtual tours to explore firsthand the impact of extreme heat in various countries. By the end of the week, they'll be adept at identifying heat-vulnerable areas in their own communities.

The second week empowers participants to turn knowledge into action. They will be introduced to innovative heat adaptation strategies from around the world and participate in live virtual tours of cities renowned for their pioneering urban heat adaptation projects. Practical tools and interactive workshops equip them to plan and implement community-led heat adaptation projects, and advocacy workshops prepare them to champion climate action.

At the end of this course, learners will be able to;

  • Identify the communities and neighborhoods that are most susceptible to extreme heat.
  •  Increase awareness among communities about the risks associated with extreme heat and potential solutions.
  • Implement response strategies.
  • Execute projects focused on long-term reduction and  implement cooling measures.


Day 1: Understanding Climate Change and Extreme Heat

Session 1: Introduction to climate change, extreme heat, and their impacts.

Session 2: Live virtual tour of a country facing extreme heat challenges.

Session 3: Heat map exercise to identify heat-vulnerable areas in local community

Day 2: Innovative Heat Adaptation Strategies in other countries

Session 1: Introduction to innovative heat adaptation strategies in other countries.

Session 2: Live virtual trip to a city known for its innovative urban heat adaptation projects and policies.

Session 3: Case Study Discussion on the specific projects and policies seen during the virtual tour.


Day 3: Community-Led Heat Adaptation Projects (Practical tools)

Session 1: Practical tools for heat adaptation

Session 2: Live virtual trip featuring a community-led heat adaptation project.

Session 3: Interactive workshop where participants engage in a scenario-based exercise to plan their community-led heat adaptation project.

Day 4: Community Engagement and Advocacy

Session 1 : The role of youth in climate action and advocacy.

Session 2 : Live virtual trip featuring youth-led climate initiatives across the world.

Session 3 : Advocacy workshop for developing advocacy messages.

Days 5-9: Project Implementation (Week 2)

Participants work on their local heat-resilience projects.

Access to resources, mentorship, and guidance as needed.

Daily check-ins and progress updates.

Day 10: Project Presentations and Reflection (Week 2)

Participants present their project outcomes and experiences.

Group discussions on lessons learned and future actions.

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  Globe From Home Team

This program is organised by Globe From Home.

How it works

This program is designed for youth (aged 15-24) from all educational backgrounds (formal, informal and non formal). The courses are run as cohorts with limited number of seats. Please contact Globe From Home for details of next batches.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

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